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大约两个月前,我买了一个日程安排。掌上电脑。老套。我使用智能手机上的日历上有几次让我失望。我错过了约会,我有约会,我安排在错误的时间,或者在错误的一天数码万年历,以及一个约会,我发誓我输入了我的智能手机日历只是简单地消失了。我被这一切尴尬。It’s one thing to make a human error, but a human error aided by a computerized device became too much to bear, so I went analog and found a terrific day planner that helps me keep track of all of my appointments, just like the old days.

Being a retro kind of guy, I love the tactile, nostalgic nature of putting pen to paper. I love smelling the whiff of new pages. I like seeing the unexplored landscape of empty days fill with events I look forward to. Being a visual artist, I like seeing the architecture of my days and months build and grow inside this neat little book. I learned the art of keeping a calendar from my parents. My mom, to this day, charts important appointments on a wall calendar that hangs in her kitchen. My dad, the ultimate life-hacker, crafts his own day planner using a standard notebook. Since returning to the written method of scheduling, I find the act of writing down dates and appointments better ingrains the story of my life as it unfolds. I find it easier, and more fun, to keep my life productive and timely. I also experience more clarity about the things that are important to me. When I write an appointment down, there’s a level of personal commitment I’m establishing, more so than typing into my digital device with its predictive typing. Talk about living life by route; trusting the effortless ease of autopilot scheduling was the culprit in my missing those appointments. My planner engages my awareness while I’m mapping my activities, which makes me eager to greet both the far future, and the days ahead.

信不信由你,我们通过今年一半是。因为它的七月,我的日程上一两页的练习,要求我反思过去的六个月。它鼓励我想想都完成,或者未完成的目标,总结经验教训,并重新确定我的目标在未来6个月来。是啊。之一那些kind of planners. Truth is, it’s a perfectly valid question – helpful even. Howhavethings been going these past six months, and how我想要的东西在未来去?在数字化时代,时间快速移动。这感觉就像一月昨天,十二月感觉像它将于下周。在我们家,我们开玩笑说,如何在三个小时内,我们必须走出去,买了圣诞树。时间觉得快!所以我采取这一反射做操不认真。看完这个,也许你会喜欢。

For me, the past six months have been a hit list of highs and lows in every area of life. A career high, a health low, a family high, and romantic relationship low, a financial low, a health insurance low, a student loan low, a physical pain low, a dream deferred low, a diet low, a fitness low, low, low, low….whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! With this recent string of lows, it’s tempting to think that this low life pattern will be any different in the future. The disappointing pattern keeps me stalled when I want to be moving forward in life. If a low gets followed by another low, then followed by yet another low, isn’t it possible that a low will follow that low, and another low will follow that one too? Of course one can beat the odds and hit a high, but how many lows will that take?!

Years ago, a spiritual teacher shared with me a phrase that helps me ease stress when a pattern of misfortune seems set in motion: Up until now. The phrase helps me to shift my attention to thinking of misfortune as finite, as opposed to perpetual. It’s a stopgap that allows me just enough time to reframe the story of my life.到现在为止,我已经不幸的字符串。Up until now, I’ve made lousy eating choices. Up until now, I’ve felt so trapped by the pressure of my student loan.You get the picture.



“Music is the space in between the notes.” – Claude Debussy

Up until now, I felt like life was moving so fast, but moving forward, I can see how life has plenty of opportunities to experience the beauty in the journey. I’m going to take more responsibility for showing up for my life, and not rely so heavily on my smartphone to live life for me. Toting around a day planner like it’s the 1990s may not be the right fit for everyone, but it’s the right fit for me; at least right now. Who knows, maybe in six months I’ll go back to my digital ways, but today, I love how present and engaged it makes me feel, and isn’t that an important part of the journey?

*The planner I have is called Passion Planner. I researched other motivational type planners and this one suited me best in style and content. Maybe you’ll like it too. Check it out

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我告诉过你我教一个科尔呢ege course in a city outside of NYC? What I thought would be a class size of 16 to 20 students turned out to be a class size of 119 students. You read that right…119. I’ll spell it out for you, one-hundred-and-nineteen students. Yes it felt as overwhelming as it sounds. It even ballooned to 127 students, and then whittled back down to a steady one, one, nine. Listen, I’ve performed on stage in front of thousands of people, but for some reason this assignment was very intimidating. I wasn’t so worried about me standing in front of an arena of students. I was worried about how these students were expecting me to make the class experience worth their time, their money, their student loans, and relocation from families. I wanted so much to help them advance their understanding of themselves and the world we live in. I took to heart my responsibility to help them become contributing and productive members of the working world. My worries gave me enormous pressure, and fright. I didn’t help myself by making some classic rookie teaching errors, which made my situation even more overwhelming. For example, yours truly had the “genius” idea to assign them weekly writing assignments based on the reading material. Easy enough for them because it was only a 200 word written response: Difficult for me because over 100 students were handing in these 200-word response papers every week. I was constantly reading papers. My weekends were not my own. I thought I would crash and burn.

In week three of class I was on the phone telling a friend about my teaching situation. He said quite simply,“这听起来粗糙。尝试看看有一点幽默你的情况。”Those last 10 words were a lifesaver, and a game changer. When I started to look at my teaching situation from a humorous point of view, I felt tremendous relief. You know those funny movie trailers that take a horror film like ‘The Shining’ and turn it into a romantic summer comedy called ‘Shining’? That’s what it felt like. With a sense of humor, I was looking at my terrifying teaching situation with new perspective. I saw myself as the leading player in a situation comedy. (Welcome Back,KotterChristopher?)


露西向我们展示了幽默,以打击任何恶性循环我们最大的工具。幽默要求我们放手我们预期的恐惧,以及我们对过去的错误感到遗憾。愤怒和冷漠蒸发幽默的脸。或者,他们会加剧,这是一种有趣的了。为了培养健康帅气的生活,我们采用幽默感来帮助感知黑暗的光 - 在我们面前,无论什么狗屁秀代表刚才。因为幽默需要充分认识,我们很容易做娱乐什么最终心理分析的过程可以帮助我们理解。


“多少应用程序才能进入grad school?”
“Why did the ex-wife cross the road?”
(Thumbs pointing to self.) THIS guy!”

With all of the styles of humor out there, there’s bound to be one that fits you and your situation. See your situation as a Carol Burnett sketch, or a Cary Grant movie, or a Pee Wee adventure, and make a vow that you are going to turn your story into one that will earn you a few laughs over a drink with friends.

As a wit once said, a good story should have a beginning, a muddle,
and an end.” -George Will

But Seriously, Folks….
Not every situation deserves to be deflected with a joke. Some situations require the sincere reverence of gravity, and they have the right to be heard with all of the honest dread or grief that one feels. Humor doesn’t solve the crisis, but it can relieve a little pressure allowing you to see a bigger picture and think more freely in a solution-oriented manner. Have hope that there is a lighthearted, heart-affirming reason for all hurt and disappointment, and don’t let anger or fear keep you from shutting down from life. Embrace life with an open mind, a witty point of view, and a good chuckle or two. Enjoy being the star of your own real-life sitcom…. minus the multi-million dollar pay scale. (Cue sad trombone sound.)Wah, wah, wah, waaaah

The Kicker(Alternate funny set ups that I couldn’t let go.)

“A guy walks into an overflowing classroom….”
“叩,叩。”“谁在那儿?”“119 students.”
“Why did the teacher make a mad dash across the road?”


The Reduction Belittle

What is your greatest strength? What is your greatest weakness? A little self-reflection revealed to me my greatest weakness is a pair of vices – my arrogance and my pride. My arrogance is a little voice within that says,“I don’t need to read the instructions; I can figure this out on my own.”My pride is a little voice that stops me from asking for help when I find myself in a sticky spot, even when help is readily available. In these moments I try to forgive myself because even though these traits are annoying, they really are well meaning. Their intention comes from the desire to express my independence and exercise personal power, yet the effect of arrogance and pride creates distance and isolation, which ultimately leads to some form of despair.

Between arrogance and pride, I find an arrogant mindset creates the most roadblocks on the journey of health and handsome. When we think of arrogant people, we perhaps think of a self-righteous authority figure, like some fashion diva, Wall Street bully, high achieving athlete, or real estate mogul. These are the obvious personalities. Arrogance is not always an overt display. It can be subtle erosion, separating one from others, or worse, separating one from his higher life condition. Arrogance appears in everyday guys like myself, and in the most mundane everyday situations. We experience it standing in line at the store, when it feels like everyone…is moving……so………..slowly. We experience it when we’re in transit with other commuters and everyone seems to be in the way. We experience it every time we criticize the lives of friends, co-workers and relatives, comparing who they are with who we think they could be, if only they (fill in the blank). Granted we always want the best for our loved ones, but sometimes we ignore who they really are by regretting how they don’t match up to the dream we have of them in our head. What if we accepted their weight, their timing, their level of ambition, or their business sense? What if we stopped pointing out what’s not working and kept pointing out the ways in which they are actually awesome people? (Note: I said accept who they are, not cast a blind eye.)

傲慢是期望,一切都应该走我的路,这时候它不会导致电阻从我这里。这是思维的条件,我知道的比我实际做的,或者说,我不花钱应该得到更多的感觉。这是我提前或高于别人的意见。或者相反 - 我远远低于别人,比我“活该”是,创建不满。傲慢的态度的反弹基本上是一个悲观主义者的推土机,贬低和粉碎每一个在我的道路奠定细节。The funny thing is when I’m in an arrogant mindset, I usually believe that I’m stepping into my power, expressing a thought that by all free rights is my own opinion, when actually I’m feeding the thoughts that amount to my superior uniqueness. It’s a tragic uniqueness because it holds me back from seeing what is actually beautiful in the situation as it is.

什么是傲慢的相反188金宝搏a?谦逊?温柔?同情?服务?连接?啊,哈哈!如果傲慢是我自己的事,重要的心态,傲慢心态的反面连接,与他人的行为。如果傲慢是我的自我重要思想的毒液,解药是通过消除判断行使同情和关怀。我有这么多的祝福,在生活中,和那些祝福我能够做,建筑relatability的桥梁等人物,地点或事物的连接的表现。 Connections bring benefit.

What’s So Special About You?
Sometimes when I’m feeling a wave of arrogance coming on, I’ll think to myself, in a very haughty tone,“What’s so special about you?”我用它作为幽默的工具,以公平的竞争环境,通吃干净,然后取一个办法,就是更多的理解和不那么重要。还有什么我可以做我的打击自大的心态,当它出现?当我感到自己重要的,我可以提醒自己,我与其他人分享这个世界。当它创建冷漠,我可以小心。当它创建一个部门,我可以寻求别人和我之间的相似之处。当它产生的距离,我可以促进我的社区和世界,更多地考虑我怎么能是一种乐趣给别人,少约的人,地点和事物如何是为了讨好我。我可以让我的心胸和好奇,并设法涉及并连接到我周围的世界。

I am no better or worse than anyone. I am no better or worse than anything.



For the past few years I’ve thrown out the traditional concept of a New Year’s resolution and developed a simple plan for new habits. It’s an awareness tool for encouraging mindful choices that month-by-month, over the course of the year, help me move the needle of joy in significant and sometimes surprising ways.


The Simple Plan for New Habits, 2015
一月: Action
March: Reduce Debt
七月: Meditation
August: Fitness
September: Excellence
October: Unclutter
November: Contentment

一个简单的用而运行的设施,工厂的理想的确名单。然而,当我回顾我的意图每个习惯,我能看到我必须做我所说的“繁重”。例如,2月份我的月想专注于可用性。一个很简单的概念:反思如何,如果,我让自己可以意味着最给我的人与事。但是孩子,哦,孩子,我不是为的方式二次发现我准备让自己tooavailable for that which I have little to no passion. I made many tough decisions about letting go that month.

Measure of Success

Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better.
-Émile Coué

A Plan Is Just A Beginning
我们通常认为计划的每一个细节spelled out, like a map depicting the beginning, middle and end of a journey. Yet when following a map you can only travel one street at a time, and you never know the detours or roadblocks lurking ahead on your real-time journey. A plan can be a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something. A plan is also an intention about what one is going to do. The jumping off point, the directive, and a call to action that gets the show on the road.

This week I made a list of habits I want to practice throughout this year. I assigned one habit to each month, so my new list looks like this:

The Simple Plan For新Habits,2016
April: Reduce Debt
June: Concentration
August: Eat Healthy
October: Declutter
November: Commitment

我有其他的习惯,我想专注于Resilience, Forgiveness, and Presence, but my new list is more than enough. I will grow in 12 different ways which makes me very excited about this year!

Here are short descriptions of my monthly intentions:

一月:Gym Time

I’m a New Yorker living in New York City with other New Yorkers; consistent Optimism is a daily challenge.



May:Personal Style

Concentration is the most important tool I discovered during 2015, and I want to dive further into this skill and its power.

七月:Drink Water
For seven years my doctor has scolded me about being dehydrated. I’m determined to understand why I’m not drinking enough water.

August:Eat Healthy
Of course this is something I want to think about all year, but during this month I will give extra focus on what I choose to put in my mouth and in my body. Like, real food, not processed food.

September:Spend Time Outdoors
Sometimes I want to dump my laptop into the East River. Sure, it’s a tool for productivity, but it can also be a distraction. When I think about the pre-computer age ways I would educate and entertain myself…. sigh… so much tactile and imaginative stimulation unengaged. I want to tip the scales from computer screen time to either spending time in nature’s scenery or seeing city sites.


November: Commitment
This month I will think about what I’m committing to, and to what extent. How I honor my commitments and where I’m overcommitting. (I predict this will be a heavy lifting month.)

This is a month to reflect on the year 2016, and demonstrate thankfulness for the people, places and things that have benefited my life.

One Month At A Time

You can create your own simple plan of new habits to focus on in 2016. Here’s how I created mine:

1. Brain Dump.
The purpose of a brain dump is to get your thoughts onto a piece of paper. It’s like emptying your pockets at the end of the day and looking at what you’ve been carrying around. Write down, or type up a list of habits you would like to focus on. Don’t think about it too much. Give yourself a time limit, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes at the most. The list may be long, like four year’s worth of habits to consider, but get them all on paper. Make the list a mix of ideals: health, education, social, personality traits, financial ideals, virtues, vices, temptations, goals and gains. This is my favorite part of the process!

Again, don’t overthink it. The purpose of a simple plan is to get started, not to find perfection. Either the perfect 12 habits will reveal themselves very easily, or the 12 habits you pick will become the perfect things to focus on. Regardless, on December 31st,2016, you’ll have no regrets. I promise.

3. Assign a habit to each month.
You can be strategic by assigning particular habits to particular months, i.e., Relationships in February. Choose a few months to match with specific habits but don’t overthink it.

4. Design your blueprint.
I type my list then print it out on a 4×6 note card. I tape the list on the wall above my desk so I can remember each month’s habit. I also keep the list on my mobile phone so it’s handy and nearby. You can write yours into your wall calendar, day planner, or whatever system you think would work best for you while keeping the process fun.

5. Measure your growth.
A word of advice; concentrate on your successes. First, and foremost, focus on where you improved in your habit over the course of the month. Pat yourself on the back. Do an end zone dance. Give yourself a mental high five, and then move on to the next habit. Make note of how you dropped the ball only to identify your pitfalls. The only way to fail the Simple Plan is if you don’t try at all.

6. Have fun with it.

When we share our intentions to improve our habits, the accountability factor is high. It’s what I call getting on the high wire. Everyone is watching you do thederring-do。How deeply can we mine our intentions? How high can we elevate our awareness of our personal habits? What is the wealth of information we can learn about ourselves month to month?

I’m curious to know what your goals for 2016 will be. If you create a Simple Plan for New Habits, please share it with me. I will be part of your “rah, rah” cheerleading squad!



Gene and Fred Tuck

“I’m trying to read between the lines of what you’re saying.” This is a sentence, word for word, from one of my colleagues. It was a smack in the face because lately I’ve been challenging myself to be more straightforward in my communication. Her response showed me I still fall short with directness, so I’m giving it some thought.

作为直接的方式被简单和容易理解。耿直。在过去,我总是没感到安全或放心大胆地分享我的想法是明确的,因为我可以。作为一个中西部的家伙,或者更确切地说,是中西部男同性恋,或者说是,是色彩的中西部男同性恋,我觉得叮咬和被开放与我的想法和感受的危险。所以,在死里逃生的那种感觉,我的沟通风格变得不那么直接的方法。我学会了分享任何深刻的思想之前测试与热身单词和表面谈话谈话的水域。我公司开发的战术羞耻,尴尬,或骚扰屏蔽自己。我可以巧妙地回避与让我感觉不那么脆弱主题的对话。我会在代码说话,以免过度曝光我的不同机器。我会布奇了我的行为,当真正意义,我觉得里面很头晕。 I would highlight my sense of humor to draw attention away from what I felt were my flaws. These social strategies were my protection, but they also created barriers to connecting more directly with others in meaningful ways.

Communication Style


Gene and Fred Jump

“Let’s just be honest. Even if it’s yucky we’ll get past it.”
-Lisa Adams


One solution to avoid burying the lead is to BLUF. No, not bluff as in put up a false face. BLUF is an acronym for putting theBottomLineUpFront, the bottom line being those most important details. Try it out: The next time you have some news to share, good or bad, start your sentence with the words “The bottom line is….”, then fill in the blank. You might sound like you’re stepping into a 1930’s black & white movie, but I can’t think of a more straightforward way of getting to the point of your wishes, dreams, joys and pains. If it feels weird to say aloud, just think the thought, “The bottom line is…”, and see where it leads you. Still need some help with a straightforward approach? Borrow a lesson I learned from my niece. When it comes to putting the tough topics first, her advice is to “Rip it off like a Band-Aid.”

The straightforward approach isn’t just about sharing the things that hurt the most. It’s also about sharing what means the most to you. I was telling a friend how frustrated I am that my parents often ask questions about my work, health and friends, but they don’t ask questions about my dating life. So what if there’s nothing to report. (And quite frankly the conversation might make me squirm in my seat…at first.) But it’d be nice if they showed at least a delicate interest. In talking with my friend, his response was “How will they know it’s important to you unless you tell them.” I wanted to kick his shins for being so right. As parents, my mom and dad are superheroes, but reading minds is not a required parenting skill. How will they know what’s important to me unless I tell them? It’s unfair to hold a grievance with anyone if you don’t share what grieves you. The bottom line is I have to rip it off like a Band-Aid and do my fair share of sharing.

The more we practice being straightforward the more we learn to trust ourselves and trust the validity of our thoughts and points of view. As a youngster, I learned how to protect myself socially, but today I don’t have to protect what’s true for me. I don’t need to perform a 40 second soft-shoe to express the dreams, joys and pains that are meaningful to me. By tap-dancing around the important information we delay any potential harm, but we also delay the love and healing that follows.


*P.S. Of all the things I learned to do, I’m so glad I learned how to dance. Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire were my ultimate dance idols. It’s impossible to choose a favorite. Gene danced with the spirit of every man. Fred danced with the spirit of the gods. When Gene danced it made me want to get up and try it because he made dancing look so easy and effortless. When Fred danced it made me want to sit down and learn because he was dancing the impossible with such ease. Gene made me feel connected to dance. Fred made me feel in awe of it. Together or alone, they are the spirit of Health & Handsome.

Have a thought to share? Feel free to leave comment. If you know someone who would appreciate a little Health & Handsome in their life, please consider forwarding this blog to them.




我从别人的生活学习,受益摇来摇去m their inspirational influence. For example, while Gratitude Lists aren’t new or unique, a sincere and consistent practice of gratitude can be a challenge to maintain. Learning how others acknowledge their gratefulness inspires me to invest time and attention to my own gratitude practice. And for every person I speak with who keeps a Gratitude List, each has his or her own way of recording his or her inventory. When asked about my style of gratitude inventory, I offer my own take on the practice. My Gratitude List is not complete without a corresponding Appreciation List because I believe each inspires the other.

A dictionary teaches us that gratitude is the quality of being thankful. It also says it’s a readiness to show appreciation. I think of it like this: Gratitude is a profound regard for people, places and things that benefit my life. (I’m grateful for my home. I’m grateful for my enduring friendships.) Appreciation is how I benefit other people, places and things by increasing their value. (I appreciate my home by keeping it tidy. I appreciate my friends by sending them notes in the mail.) It’s a balance of feelings and actions. I感觉感谢我demonstrate升值。

不胜感激 - 表示感谢。


Inspiration Absorption

Art museums and history museums are some of my favorite places on earth because they offer hours of inspiration absorption. It’s fascinating how people see inspiration in a landscape, architecture, or an object, and then interprets it as visual art or sculpture. I walk through museum doors and my imagination becomes transported with curiosity. I follow my inner compass of delight from room to room, exhibit to exhibit, absorbing the creativity. I absorb inspiration from the lives and lands depicted in paintings. I download details about unique historical cultural decorum. I soak up information about ancient tools and artifacts. Abstract works inspire me to embrace the unconventional aspects of life. I walk away feeling full of gratitude for the expressive work of others, but how do I show my appreciation of those great works. Just as appreciation is a counterbalance to gratitude, sharing inspiration through my own creativity balances the inspiration I receive from others. We rather owe it to ourselves to honor our inspirational influences by making creative influences of our own.


While I’m not perfect at it, I strive for the balance of being open to receiving inspiration as well as being willing to inspire others. That’s the reason for Health & Handsome. I hope to share my resources of time, talent, influence, and creativity in ways that may inspire others to share their own. As global citizens, wouldn’t it be awesome to be engaged in an inspiration cycle by absorbing creativity, then sharing it with others, thereby inspiring them to share their gifts and resources. When we don’t fuel the cycle of creative influence it’s like listening to music without ever attempting to make music of your own. But I’m not a musician you may say. That’s not the point. The point is to allow the music we hear to turn into art. To let the art we see turn into stories. To allow the literature we read to turn into aspirations for personal growth. It’s the give and take, or rather the take then give that makes the cycle of inspiration inspiring.

One Sings While Other Dances

“One sings while other dances and they take turns in singing.”这是从威奇托的神话报价,美国本土的集合民间传说。这让我想起灵感和行动的来回伙伴关系。的感谢和赞赏。吸收灵感燃料你的灵魂化为行动可以点燃一场社会运动,所以让灵感产生的能量,你里面,然后滔滔不绝地走向世界。伟大的作品鼓舞的小作品,而且在许多方面小作品鼓舞伟大的作品了。我们可以把灵感融入艺术,音乐,吃饭,一个拥抱,一个夹具,或一个新发型。是什么激励你?与启示的作用是什么,你可以分享到让世界变得更美好?你的creative influence may inspire吸进的行为,所以不要隐瞒!


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简单的生活意味着清晰,方便,并毫不费力。在达·芬奇的话说,“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”Simple living is shaped by peoples’ particular needs and concerns. For one family, simple living means planning lunch and dinner a week in advance, while for another family it may mean preparing dinner based on what produce is at the farmer’s market that morning. For some people, simplicity means owning a tiny home. It may mean downsizing a wardrobe or a workload for others. What does simplicity look like for you? For the purposes of Health & Handsome I’ve been contemplating other ways to think about simplicity.


住在纽约市,这是很常见的拎个包,或背包你到处走。我羡慕那些谁能够在每一个意义走动他们的武器他们一边摆动,或双手插在口袋里,无行李超重的家伙。我可怜的背包就被填充到鳃用高科技产品,齿轮,一本书,一个小吃店,钢笔和铅笔,和洗浴用品的虚拟药柜。我甚至进行衬衫的变化,只是在像随机咖啡溢出的情况。尽管我CARRYALL的重量,我随时准备应急一个,同时在纽约旅途中可能会遇到。说实话,我从来没有,或很少,需要我进行绕我的事。通过让所有的“齿轮”的,我想我准备好为童子军的时候其实我是生活在恐惧中。担心,我会没有工具或小工具时面临着一些不可预见的需求。担心,我不会能够帮助别人,如果出现之际。我缺乏自我信任,我可以解决这些天的日常问题,而武装自己一个完整的解决方案包。 I also lacked trust in the universal optimism that I could find creative solutions in the moment of need. When I learned to trust in a simpler lifestyle, I let go of the excess baggage and my fears of the unknown. Two important things to leave the house with are wisdom and a smile. You can’t get any simpler than that, and it’s a much lighter load.

We can practice simplicity in our thoughts.

那天晚上我在一辆出租车回家housemate Lisa, and the cab driver was in the wrong lane when entering our neighborhood. We ended up on a highway that took us in the opposite direction and through another borough before we could loop around to get back on track. What should have been a ten minute drive turned into a thirty minute journey. So many thoughts raced through my head. From the backseat I wanted to call the driver a few choice names regarding age and education. I wanted to scream and whine because I was exhausted and wishing I was home in my pajamas. I wanted to make sure Lisa didn’t yank the driver’s hair for outright ignoring her directions on which lane to take. My thoughts weren’t being helpful to the situation. They were too much so, for the sake of sanity, I decided to reduce those thoughts down to one. In that moment I remembered the simplest thought one can have for any situation or person or thing is Thank You. I made a list of thank yous: Thank you for this time to be with my dear friend Lisa. Thank you for the safety and warmth of this car. Thank you for the driver not showing any signs of anger or frustration, and for immediately performing goodwill by turning off the meter without being asked. Thank you for my home waiting for me at the end of this journey. Who or what was I thanking? Perhaps I was thanking the universe for a new perspective on simplifying. Simplicity of thought means nurturing only the thoughts that can serve a purposeful good.

We can find simplicity in time.

Recently I participated in a panel discussion for upcoming college graduates. We discussed and dissected the unpredictable transition from student life to the working world. They posed questions about balancing survival jobs with their true career pursuits, otherwise known as The Hustle. Listening to their situation, I reflected on what I learned about the importance of time management. I shared my lesson with them. Time management doesn’t mean organization. Time management means elimination. It’s rare to meet a person who can “do it all”, and do it all well with energy left to live, laugh and love. Simplicity of time means weeding the garden of your schedule. Like a garden, if you plant too many vegetables next to each other, they won’t have space to root and sprout. You have to make space in your day for the things you want to grow. Like a farmer choosing his crops, thoughtfully select your day-to-day activities. Make the garden of your time strategic and fruitful. Think about the harvest you hope to have at the end of the season, and plant and plan accordingly. Be judicious about what you’re willing to take on. Saying No to things that only partially excite you means more time to nurture the things that truly excite you.


满足这个词值得拥抱。是孔蒂nt is to be satisfied. And to be satisfied you need an intention to know what it is you desire. It also needs a keen eye to recognize when you already have the thing you desire. Simplicity is a willingness to admit you have all that you need. Contentment is the willingness to enjoy and make use of what you have. Contentment and simplicity go hand in hand. For the sake of contentment, acknowledge the wealth that exists in your life. For the sake of simplicity, nurture those things and activities that genuinely mean something to you, and let go of the excess.

健康与英俊: Creativity

今天是什么可以被认为是哥哥的博客一冒出来的一天All Good Things所谓的健康和帅气。健康与英俊的是一种生活方式的博客献给现代人谁力求与老同学的原则喜欢创意,简单性和灵感,构筑了他的性格。

健康与英俊is inspired by a conversation I overheard at a summer holiday party. One of the guests at the party was a former professional actor. He talked about how starting a family required a transition from the performing arts to a more traditional career. With a family and kids and a new work life, he lamented that he misses having an outlet for creativity, a means of expression that acting provided. It broke my heart to hear him speak about this. Perhaps he could have ten different meanings for what he was trying to say in that moment, but the overall gist of his statement revealed to me that as a culture we tend to believe that creativity only exists in the arts; painting, literature, theatre and music. It’s a limiting thought because we actually have many opportunities for creativity in our everyday lives. Perhaps we overlook some of them.

创造性的行为并不只存在于艺术,在工作室或排练室。我们创造的饭菜,我们创建的谈话。有时候,我们创造的饭菜purposeof creating conversations. We create friendships and experiences. Creativity empowers us to say, “First there was nothing, then I created, and now there is something!” That something could be a new song, or it could be a text message exchange with a friend. We can be constant creators! We can create order out of clutter. We can create clutter out of order, if we’re so wickedly inclined. We can surprise ourselves by creating a new way of traveling to work in the morning. With our intention, we can create moods and atmospheres, or stories and memories, or personal standards and family traditions. Since I can’t go back in time and create a conversation with that gentleman about how we’ve fooled ourselves into believing that creativity only exists in certain pockets of professions, I’ve decided to share my message, and my lesson, with the world.

There is a new buzz term that’s been floating about. It’s the notion of The New American Dream. If the Old American Dream is based on material prosperity, the New American Dream is based on owning less material property and gaining more personal and financial freedom. The New American Dream values experiences and connections over things. I believe that in order to greet The New American Dream, we will need new models of men and women. Wishful thinking alone doesn’t make dreams come true. It takes action, and action takes courage. Courage needs a mission, and a mission is based on our character. Character needs nurturing, and that’s where Health & Handsome comes in. Health & Handsome men, and women, strive to express their creativity, live simple lives and inspire the world around them to live joyful and meaningful lives.


There’s a saying:

Handsome is as handsome does.


健康与英俊我ans self-care and social grace. It is the content of our character and how we share the content of our character with others. That’s the purpose of this writing. To be more open to solving our problems creatively, living life more simply, and allowing the light of our lives to be an inspiration to others.

Be a Health & Handsome Man

当涉及到人的学习是人,(在一个成熟和精神意义上的,而不是性别刻板的意义上)我们已经得到了很多的地面覆盖物 - 没有人需要独自做到这一点。如果你是一个健康和英俊的那种人,请订阅我的博客。我很乐意为此铺路,和你在一起。如果你知道一个健康和英俊的那种人,随时分享这个消息,他们或链接到我的网站或社交媒体社区。这是所有品牌spankin’新!



First there was nothing, then I created, now there is Health & Handsome.