A wave of thought has been passing through the country regarding a New American Dream. The Old American Dream meant a life driven to make more money and have more things. It’s an exhausting pursuit of status and acquisitions. In contrast, the New American Dream proposes a life of owning less while having more personal and financial freedom. Value is placed on cultivating sincere connections over material possessions. It’s an opportunity to experience life in more meaningful and purposeful ways. I’m all for the New American Dream, and I think this new model of living will require a new model of dreamers; men, and women, seeking to develop and grow into this refreshing lifestyle.

Welcome to Health & Handsome, a blog dedicated to developing character with creativity, simplicity and inspiration.

There’s a saying, Handsome is as handsome does, which means character and behavior is more important than appearances. Health & Handsome is here to help make the world a better place by encouraging men, and women, to explore their creative expression, embrace simple living, and inspire themselves and others to live happy and meaningful lives.


I’m Christopher, (always Christopher, never Chris,) and I’m a theatre director and choreographer living in New York City. Like you, I work hard to pursue the life of my dreams, so I appreciate moments of personal reflection, taking time to think about how I’m showing up for myself, as well as how I’m showing up for others. Self care and social grace is the hallmark of Health & Handsome.

Health & Handsome places value on having fun just as much as doing those deep soul scrubs. The Health & Handsome lifestyle is about generating joy in life with the spirit of creativity. Like me, H&H draws inspiration from music, fashion, literature, food and arts. It also draws inspiration from workaday men and women, strivers, whom in their unique way exude Health & Handsome qualities of creativity, simplicity and inspiration in their everyday living.

欢迎来到健康&哈ndsome community! Enjoy reading, and please participate when you can. And, as always, be creative, keep it simple, and inspire the world around you.